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The logo has a white tower looking top with a word below. Their history and their product focus are all unclear. It is all original, including the boats, masts and base plate, and the provenance lists Ferdinand Weider. There is no date on the tag. The landing gear body covers were unpainted metal and not fuselage or wing color.

Having each piece off just a small amount can greatly affect how the entire toy looks when it's assembled. Does this sound like a logo that you know? Many old pieces were dipped in paint, not painted with a brush although small details may have been added by a brush.

So How Do You Evaluate the Worth of an Old Toy

This box was used in promotions where models were sometimes mailed to prospective customers. This example has nice japanning to the barrel and good paint to the face and jacket. Below that is a circle with north and south America in it and below the circle is the word line. Older doorstops usually have a smoother, more refined casting, while reproductions are rougher or pebbly.

Assembling a toy collection requires both enthusiasm and skill in selecting different types of toys. Is there one that I could use with this car? New pieces are typically decorated with a much thinner paint which is usually a water based acrylic.

Another reason old cast iron toys generally have sharper details is that they were cast from a mold made from an original master pattern. Separating New from Old New cast iron toys are made in the same general way as old originals. Eight continuous pages in the catalog pictured all still banks, including the Yellow Cab, Arcade Mfg Co. Most reference books on specific types of cast iron toys, like banks for example, list this information in detail.

Many new pieces are painted with air powered spray guns to speed production. One popular toy was a nominally Cadillac sedan that sometimes came decorated as a taxi. Master patterns can be wood, plaster and other materials but most toys used brass or bronze masters for better detail and long life. Old iron usually was decorated with fairly heavy paint, most frequently some type of oil based enamel. There were businesses, like a candy store, that you bought, black speed dating manchester got a paper deed to.

List of Vintage Toy Makers & Manufacturers

According to the catalog, this example may be one of the finest known, painted midnight black with contrasting gold saddle with three red stars. Cast iron heated to degrees was poured into the sand mold and, when cooled, the form would pop out and rough edges were filed off. After the final layer, the sand is firmly tamped with a rammer, a dumbbell shaped wooden mallet.

Another common vehicle up through the s was a realistically detailed Ford coupe. One player functioned as the banker. The circles of wheel rims and the intersecting lines of spokes are difficult shapes to cast.

How to Appraise Cast Iron Banks

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Where bolts were used on old pieces, they mated with a cast-in threaded post which was usually concealed. Thought you might like to add it to the list of manufacturers. The different layers of colors appear in the order they were applied. It is in excellent condition and was from the Ferdinand Weider Collection.

  • Really loved that game, even more than Monopoly.
  • The only clue is an oil lamp, aladins, with a circle around it.
  • Many of these classifications obviously overlap, but better to have some resemblance of direction than none at all.
  • Would like location and years in business.
  • Many Hubley toys are now sought-after collectibles.

The iron runs into the hollow impression and forms a copy of the master pattern. Seams in old cast iron toys generally fit together very tightly. Hubley Manufacturing Company was bought by Gabriel Industries in and disappeared from the market shortly after the take-over.

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Likewise, old paint around a coin slot should show the typical ragged paint chips which would occur where normal wear would be expected. Neighbor across the street had a board game that I remember playing. Look carefully at the wear patterns on the doorstop, and remember most old doorstops were used for their original purpose of holding doors open.

Antique and Vintage Toy Model Fire Trucks

  1. Seams in the casting, if any, are usually tighter on the original doorstops.
  2. This well-detailed version has long ears and coin slot in the top of the head.
  3. In good condition, Hubley's Lincoln-Zephyr pulling a trailer can bring in several hundred dollars see O'Brien, for a more detailed history of Hubley vehicles.
  4. Not sure who manufactured the toy and am interested if anyone might know.
  5. Some people collect toys made of a particular material, such as wood, tinplate or cast iron.
  6. Others focus on a particular theme such as banks, fire-related toys, trains, cars or pull toys.
Antique and Vintage Toy Model Fire Trucks
List of 108 different vintage toy makers

Although the shrinkage seems small, the effect is multiplied by the total number of pieces used. Construction, farm, and fire vehicles were commonly produced, as well as motorcycles. Though these were a bit smaller, the competition seemed to be British Corgi and Dinky Toys. As a general rule, most old cast iron toys have these marks and most reproductions do not.

My great grandfather owned a toy company in Chicago. Then, colorists used a variety of hues highlighting important details Collectics. To learn more, our Antique Collector Bookstore lists only the best collector books and price guides, complied by surveys of top antique dealers and auction houses. The color differences are difficult to show in black and white photographs, but are clearly seen by placing new and old side by side.

The bank is of great scale and clockwork action enabling complete revolutions with seated people in the gondolas. Whatever type of collection you choose, here are a few guidelines to help you evaluate old toys. My husband had a battery operated fire truck that has no manufacturer in it.

Antique Banks

Because collectors use them as dating tools, some catalogues of the most famous firms have been reprinted. Painters applied a base coat usually white or cream but sometimes black to cast figures whether toys or doorstops. New cast iron generally has small prickly bumps that rise above the surface and holes or pits that go below the surface Figs.

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The finer sand also meant the two halves of the mold fit together tightly. It has one missing white plastic key. He has had it for about ten years.

Many repairs and replacement parts are made with epoxies, ultimate ud hookup card brass and aluminum which have no magnetic attraction. The pattern is placed in the frame and tightly packed with a special sand called casting sand or foundry sand. Hubley's casting process involved several steps.

Cast Iron Bank

Toy banks, for example, best 5 should usually show paint on both inner and outer edges of the coin slot. Hubley even set up its Scale Model Division for these products. They can be purchased from auction web sites as well as from collectors and older hobby stores. Often planes and cars were available in gift sets. Most sand molds are used only once because the sand is disturbed removing the casting.

Hubley Manufacturing Company

Sand is again packed and tamped around the top half of the pattern and another molding board seals the top. First, the better the condition, the higher the likelihood that the doorstop will retain and increase in value over time. Notice the bumps and pits in these new examples.


Antique and Vintage Toy Model Fire Trucks

Antique Cast Iron Banks

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